Nike takes the NFL

Nike's Todd Van Horne and the Seahawks' Kam Chancellor helped usher in a new era of Seattle's uniforms at the big Nike reveal yesterday. Photo by the New York TImes.

Now that we’ve had some time to let the Nike uniform revolution wash over us for a day, it’s time to settle down and think about what the NFL will look like come September.

In reality, there is not too much to get excited about here. The changes aren’t as dramatic as many thought they would be considering Nike’s history with crazy uniforms.

For the most part, teams will be changing their collars a bit to accommodate the flywire collars that became a trademark for Nike uniforms during last college football season. I never really understood why these collars needed to be used, but it seems to be a characteristic Nike likes to use for their uniforms.

The one team that went over the edge with their uniforms was the Seattle Seahawks.

There must be something about the Pacific Northwest that inspires teams to go for crazy uniforms, but it all started with Oregon and is now making its way to Seattle.

My biggest problem with Seattle’s news uniforms is the fact that there is just so much going on with them. I am usually in favor of intricacies to the uniforms, but the Seahawks take it too far.

The shoulder pads alone have at least four features to them, it’s impossible to keep track of all that as the game is going on.

The font on the numbers is pretty weak, it makes the uniform look too much like a college team. However, upon closer inspection, you can see the numbers have a pattern on them, but unless you are tackling Marshawn Lynch, it might be tough to notice that.

One feature I do like on the Seahawks new uniforms is the same pattern along the pants. I always thought the Seahawks pants were a little simple and could have used an extra stripe. Now, they have added that despite ruining the rest of the uniform.

Here is the photo gallery the Seahawks posted if you’re interested in exploring the new uniforms any further.


Cover your eyes

Seattle probably won the U.S. Open Cup Tuesday night by simply blinding Chicago with these uniforms.

Tuesday night while watching SportsCenter after a long night of work because of those damn Yankees, I noticed a uniform that was more than a little shocking to see at 3 a.m.

It was a highlight of the U.S. Open Cup finals between the Seattle Sounders and Chicago Fire. Yes, MLS teams play in a tournament outside of the regular season as one of the teams, Seattle, is preparing for the upcoming playoffs.

Don’t ask me why. Soccer is a weird game. Anyway, Seattle was wearing those uniforms that look like someone took a highlighter to the entire uniform.

There seems to be something about teams in the Pacific Northwest and highlighter uniforms. The Seahawks have worn a blinding alternate from time to time. And Oregon introduced us all the “safety green” with their socks in last year’s National Championship Game.¬†Even the Mariners use a teal color that looks pretty awesome for select home games.

Now that we have ventured out into the world beyond football here, expect a few more adventures soon with baseball getting into its League Championship Series starting soon and hockey on the horizon.