White Sox will go red

The White Sox will don these 1972 throwbacks for Sunday home games this season. Photo by Chicago Tribune

An interesting little baseball tidbit to help you get through the winter here, this one courtesy of a report from the Chicago Tribune.

Back in the 70s, the Chicago White Sox tried some crazy things with their uniforms to spice up their franchise, and now we’ll see some of that for 13 Sunday home games this season.

They will also include red hats and red socks to further confuse the fan that is going to watch a Chicago White Sox game. Look for the debut on April 15 when Prince Fielder and the Detroit Tigers come to U.S. Cellular Field.



Baseball Basics

Brandon Inge did well and looked good while doing it with a home run in Game 4 of the ALCS on Wednesday. Photo by Getty Images

As the baseball playoffs get closer and closer to the World Series, two of the teams remaining (at least as of 4 p.m. on Thursday) sport a classic look that has some variance depending on where they play.

I’m talking about the Tigers and Cardinals.

The astute observer notices that these teams go beyond the typical white/gray when playing at home or on the road, and it’s fantastic.

We’ll start with the Tigers. When at home, they have one of the nicest uniforms in baseball. The Detroit logo on one side of the chest is very simple. The dark blue trim on the uniform that goes throughout the body is also a very nice detail that gives the uniform a nice classic look.

Meanwhile, when the Tigers take their show on the road, the uniforms changes dramatically. In fact, it even introduces a totally new color in a very prominent way .. orange.

First, the hat changes from a white Detroit logo to an orange one. Then the logo goes away on the chest, and it is replaced by a cursive Detroit, since they are on the road. It is almost a complete change from the home uniform, but works well since it is a road jersey.

Then there is the Cardinals. I would go as far to say their home uniforms might be the best in the National League. The red hats along with the cardinals on the bats, makes for an extremely stellar look. The entire look is classic and looks great against the red background of Busch Stadium.

The birds on the bats across the chest is also a very nice and classic look. Keith Herandez always lets Mets fans know how much he loves this look on SNY broadcasts all season.

When going on the road, the Cardinals make a slight, but very noticeable change to their uniforms. They keep the birds on the bat and the red numbers on a gray uniform. However, the hat changes to a dark blue with a red St. Louis logo.

I really enjoy the contrast of the blue against the red numbers and lettering on the road uniforms. Theses classic looks are what make baseball special, and I will say I am hoping we have a rematch of the 2006 World Series by next week.