What’s Maryland wearing this week? Week 10

Maryland will go with a pretty conservative but sharp look on Saturday against Virginia.

As the Terps’ play on the field continues to decline (see their 2-6 record,) their uniforms continue to get better. Let’s be honest there was no choice after the Maryland Pride debacle.

This week, Maryland will host a resurgent Virginia squad in a uniform that look very similar to their old jerseys. The look is very clean. I believe “sharp” is the best way to describe ┬áit.

The turtle shell helmet with the white pants looks very nice, and overall, it just might remind Maryland fans what a football uniform actually looks like.

In other uniform news, Ohio stepped outside the box for a Wednesday night ESPN game. The MAC is loving the NBA lockout the most considering all the national TV time they are getting because of it.

The Bobcats had a striking resemblance to Hawaii with the designs on the shoulders. Overall, I was left feeling uninspired by the uniforms, nothing special really.

Ohio is So Excited

With Rutgers taking on Ohio in Piscataway, NJ today, we won’t get to see these jerseys in action, but it sure seems like the Bobcats are more than eager to don these things.

The uniforms are pretty good overall. The black with the green numbers and such works well, it is not too jarring. I also like how Ohio stuck with their usual white helmets instead of trying some sort of matte finish that teams like Oregon have gone with when wearing black jerseys. You don’t always need to look like Darth Vader when playing football.