Cover your eyes

Seattle probably won the U.S. Open Cup Tuesday night by simply blinding Chicago with these uniforms.

Tuesday night while watching SportsCenter after a long night of work because of those damn Yankees, I noticed a uniform that was more than a little shocking to see at 3 a.m.

It was a highlight of the U.S. Open Cup finals between the Seattle Sounders and Chicago Fire. Yes, MLS teams play in a tournament outside of the regular season as one of the teams, Seattle, is preparing for the upcoming playoffs.

Don’t ask me why. Soccer is a weird game. Anyway, Seattle was wearing those uniforms that look like someone took a highlighter to the entire uniform.

There seems to be something about teams in the Pacific Northwest and highlighter uniforms. The Seahawks have worn a blinding alternate from time to time. And Oregon introduced us all the “safety green” with their socks in last year’s National Championship Game.¬†Even the Mariners use a teal color that looks pretty awesome for select home games.

Now that we have ventured out into the world beyond football here, expect a few more adventures soon with baseball getting into its League Championship Series starting soon and hockey on the horizon.