Week 13 NFL review: Creamsicles

Tampa Bay running back Mossis Madu, who has an awesome name, looked like the Bucs of old in these uniforms. Photo by Getty Images

As the NFL season starts to wind down, uniform change becomes a thing of the past. Teams have used their alternates earlier in the season, and any change that might have happened in the offseason has lost its novelty.

Therefore, most of the excitement comes from throwbacks, like the Bucs this past weekend, making them pretty iconic throwbacks at that.

The Creamsicle orange uniforms that we saw on Sunday were worn by Tampa Bay from their founding in 1976 until 1998 when the team chose to go away form Bucco Bruce on the helmet and totally revamp their look.

Considering the futility the franchise experiences while wearing these uniforms, the move was understandable. The Bucs certainly displayed that same futility on the field on Sunday in a blowout loss to the Panthers.

These uniforms have become one of the most well-known in NFL history, mostly because of how absurd they look. It is nice however to see them make a return once per season.

Tampa Bay also does a good job of displaying the uniforms by completely changing their field and end zones to match these uniforms. I have talked about this before, and it just makes the game seem more cohesive when watching.

That’s all we really have at the moment, there were not many changes in the rest of the NFL, here’s hoping we see a bit more as the season reaches its final weeks.

Week 10 NFL review: When will they learn?

Mark Sanchez and the rest of the Jets had a very tough time in their biggest game of the season while wearing white at home. Photo by The Star-Ledger

Last week, the Buffalo Bills tried to pull off a uniform stunt by wearing white at home for a big game with the Jets. It failed … miserably.

So when the Jets were faced with their own big home game against the Patriots of course they wouldn’t fall into this same bad uniform karma, but no, they did.

The Jets came out of the tunnel at MetLife Stadium wearing all white, and from the outset, it did not work.

Granted, the Jets did defeat the Patriots in white at home in 2010, but that came early in the season when many teams choose to go with white at home. This one came in the middle of the season, and was clearly an attempt at creating more hype because of the uniforms.

One would think the Jets would have seen the disaster this move caused for the Bills, who still haven’t recovered, but their stubbornness caused problems in their biggest game of the season. For big games like this, it is my belief that a team should stick with the uniform that got it there.

No need to change things up just for the start of these games. Try to treat it as business as usual at least externally, teams that admit they are in big games with their uniforms usually have a tough time living up to the hype.

Bad job by the Jets all-around. Now, quick hits:

Quarterback Josh Freeman and the Bucs had a very tough time getting anything going in a sloppy look against the Texans. Photo by Getty Images

  • The Bucs looked sloppy in their uniforms and on the field with white pants to go with their red jerseys. The gold on red look is much more solid.
  • The Rams also had a very poor look of blue-on-blue in a close victory over the Browns. Still always hoping they go with their gold pants.
  • Atlanta broke out their awesome throwbacks for a loss to the Saints. By far the best uniforms the Falcons have ever worn.