Week 13 College football review: Who are they playing?

Andrew Luck and Ryan Hewitt had a moment in this all-red look against Notre Dame Saturday night. Photo by Getty Images

It’s never a good thing when that question has to be asked at the start of a game. Usually that means the uniforms for one teams have failed in doing their jobs of identifying the team.

For two game played on the West Coast Saturday night, this question was brought up in The Star-Ledger newsroom. The first instance came when Stanford took the field in an all-red Pro Combat uniform for their easy victory over Notre Dame. The second was when UCLA abandoned the best uniform in college football for a sloppy white look that matched its play on the field.

We’ll start here with the Cardinal.

For Andrew Luck’s final home game, Stanford was, as one friend put it, “looking like they were going to a burgundy party.” I’ve personally never been to one of those, but if everyone looks like Stanford did last night, count me out.

The black, matte finish helmet made Luck look somewhat mean on the field, but it must have worked for the Cardinal, who probably locked up a spot in the Fiesta Bowl and their second straight 11-win season.

The look for Stanford was not nearly as offensive as what UCLA went with.

UCLA's Shledon Price played and looked miserable in a blowout loss to USC. Photo by Getty Images

I have said this for a long time and I will continue, UCLA has the best uniforms in all of college football. The powder blue home jerseys with gold stripes on the shoulders to go along with the gold helmet just looks regal.

For some reason, the Bruins decided to abandon much of the gold in their uniforms and switch to an unrecognizable look. I understand the game was on the road, but the Bruins could have still stuck with their stripes on the shoulders, gold helmets and gold pants that make their uniforms so distinguishable.

I was sorely disappointed in the Bruins for this, their play on the field in a 50-0 blowout to archrival USC was perhaps their punishment from the uniform gods.

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