Classic Mets

Lucas Duda, left, David Wright, middle, and Ike Davis will likely be the headliners for the Mets in these new, but classic uniforms in 2012.

Meet the Mets new uniforms … well, at least that’s what the team is saying.

The Mets will be celebrating their 50th anniversary this upcoming season, and what better way to mark the milestone than with new, well old, uniforms. New York will go back to the look of its inaugural 1962 season for 2012. (Of course that team had a record 120 losses.)

The biggest difference in the uniforms from the past decade is in the road uniforms.

In 1998, black was added as the third official Mets color to go along with blue and orange. From that time on, black dominated the road hat, whether it was accompanied by a blue bill or not. Now, the Mets will go with a blue hat on the road as they did prior to 1998, with the exception of one road game against the Yankees in 2008.

This is a fantastic move. Blue and orange should always be the colors of the Mets, the black uniforms never really felt like they belonged, although they will still be used as a road alternate in 2012.

The other adjustment from last season’s look is the loss of the drop shadow behind the lettering on the home jersey. Honestly, that drop shadow was only noticeable for the detail obsessed so the change makes the uniform cleaner, but is too subtle to make much of a difference.

As a a Mets fan, it is nice to see these changes. My favorite uniforms have always been the pinstripes with the blue hats, especially for day games. The more I see this uniform, the better. Hopefully, there will be some uniform karma transferred to the field for the Mets in 2012.

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  1. While I agree that the big news emerging from this is on the road uniforms, I think you’re understating the insidiousness of that drop-shadow, particularly on the roads and the pinstriped homes. Just compare how much cleaner Duda looks in the new uniform than Delgado and Co. look in the linked picture to that awesome ’08 game against the Yankees. It’s the drop-shadow that led the Mets to wear their black hats more and more, even pairing them with the pinstripes and the pure whites at home.

    All in all, this is easily the best news coming out of Queens this off-season.


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