Please let this be false

These standard Miami Marlins unifoms are tame compared to the alternates.

The Miami Marlins will open up play when baseball resumes next spring.

This will come with a complete makeover. Everything from the stadium to the team name to yes, the uniforms.

When the Florida Marlins first came into the baseball world, they made teal a baseball color. They quickly went away from that color, but frankly, it would be better than the amount of orange the Marlins might introduce.

Now, these uniforms have not been confirmed by the team, it is just scuttlebutt, but let’s hope Miami can come up with a better idea by the time the season rolls around.

The orange alternates here might be the worst uniforms in baseball if they are actually worn by the Marlins this upcoming season.

The orange alternates are simply gross. There is no way the Marlins could think these are viable uniforms. They could be offset with a black hat, possibly, but the orange and yellow brim is just wrong.

The black alternates aren’t too bad, but the orange brim on the black hats ruin the look. Let’s hope this is all false, but if not, expect some very bright games in Miami this season.

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